What our clients say

Balachandra Hegde
Transfemoral Amputee

Nowadays there are lot of new type of prosthesis available in market by different companies. As an amputee, many of us believe anything latest in prosthesis, is good to have it. And if we hear the word 'microprocessor controlled' and see some photos, we tend to go for it, thinking we can walk better. But the truth is it is not the prosthesis alone, it is how good the socket fitment is. I had latest prosthesis, but I was not able use it because of the socket, till I met Chris. When I met Chris last year, and after having discussion with him, decided to go for the new socket. The socket measurement, then socket trial, all work he did was very professional and precise. When I got my prosthesis fitted with new socket, I was so happy and I did not feel like removing it. Today my socket fitment is so comfortable that I use the prosthesis for more than 12 hours a day. I am very grateful to Chris and his team for making such a wonderful socket, which helped me to regain my confidence in walking.

Arun Kumar
Transfemoral Amputee

To say about Bodhifab honestly, I must say they changed my life. Being an above knee amputee, it's a hard job to walk with pace or run or hop without the right socket. Bodhifab's founder Sgt Chris Cummings (US Army Veteran) with his huge experience and experienced & skilled prosthetists took the necessary time to understand my requirements, my pain points, my budget. He gave me options in terms of affordability, pros and cons of each equipment involved in designing the right socket for me. He is the most transparent person in all aspects. I got a carbon socket with Willow wood silicon liner and lock in technology. The fit is so perfect and initial checks/maintenance were excellent. That helped me finish 14 10kms run in 7 months with minimal injury. The most important thing about BodhiFab is their attitude towards giving the best quality in minimal time and affordable cost. I am on my way to get a blade foot from BodhiFab. Thanks Chris & BodhiFab

One Leg, One Fighter

While preparing for a 1500km ride I was lucky to find Bodhifab to address some issues with my limb. Not only were my issues addressed, but you made a new socket for my running blade too. Thank you for providing the best Prosthetic services in India!