About BodhiFab

Bodhi (Sanskrit: बोधि; and Pali) in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the true nature of things. It is traditionally translated into English with the word enlightenment.

Fab - abbreviation for fabrication.

The name Bodhifab reflects not only our superior manufacturing techniques, but also our ability to make a limb with the maximum benefit to the Amputee. The Art of prosthetic work is a delicate dance between human and technology. The Technology is ever changing, but the application of that tech to match the needs, priorities and realities of a person’s life is a true understanding of prosthetics and how to improve someones quality of life with a limb.

How it is done

Starts with a conversation

It all starts with a conversation, tell us about yourself. An understanding of what makes you tic, will help us make a limb that works for you. You can expect an honest assessment of your needs matched to the solutions available for you.

Physical exam

Drop by for a physical exam. Once we get hands on and assess your physical needs, we will know better what needs to go into the limb.

Based on our meeting and exam, we can give you some design and component options to choose from. Once you are ready, we can schedule a casting.


Your residual limb will be precisely casted, imaged and or measured using our technique to create the best shape for your limb.


Using our experience and what we have learned about your goals, the shape of the limb will be modified with fit, function and comfort in mind. If required special diagnostic socket will be created for fitting.


The fitting should include all of the activities which the client anticipates doing while wearing the limb. Adjustments will be made until you are satisfied and comfortable, sometimes multiple fitting sessions are required for an optimum fit.

Delivery and training

The final limb will be manufactured to the most exacting standards and delivered to you ASAP. At this point you will need to understand how to use the limb and we will continue to provide training, answer your questions and we are always available for adjustments to fine tune the device.

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